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Do we need to handcraft websites anymore?

I certainly used to think that anything other than hand-crafting every element of a website was not playing the game properly. But why is this? I think there’s a certain feeling of pride that comes from hand-crafting something. But is that really what we’re doing?

New website launched for… us!

We recently moved into a new office in the centre of Derby. Once we got settled in we thought it was high time for a new website to better reflect where we are as a business in 2015.

Increase conversions for the three major types of website

If you have an e-commerce, lead generation or contact list building website this infographic has some great advice to help increase your conversions.

How to create a successful website

The first thing you absolutely must do if you want your website to deliver value to your business or organisation is very clearly define what your measurable targets are. These don’t have to be set in stone but you need something to aim at

Web designers are bad for web design

‘Web designer’ is not a job title and we need to stop using it. Because really, what does a web designer actually do?

Does UX matter more than creativity?

Does UX matter more than creativity in web design? Should we be spending our time on data driven testing or looking for big creative ideas?

Using service design to create a business in two days

This weekend Helen and I attended a service design event in which we had to research, design, prototype and present a new business idea over a two day period. It was an intensive weekend full of brainstorming, post-it notes, skype calls and quickfire decision making.

Is responsive design important?

Currently around a third of all web traffic is coming from mobile devices which is an increase of 67% since last year. Some estimates have even set mobile traffic to eclipse desktop web use by the end of 2014 meaning that having a responsive website is increasingly important.