Audio Interface: Feb 21, 2019

Thanks for listening! I’ve really enjoyed finding these things to play for you, I hope through listening to this show you may find your next favourite artist. Take a minute to follow the links, listen to more of their work, maybe even send them a message to show support. And if you do that, please mention you heard them on Audio Interface. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Orchid Domain โ€” Ocean View
  2. Gavlyn x Lean Low โ€” Black Magic
  3. Dan Mason โ€” Fade
  4. Harglow โ€” Black Magick Drugs
  5. Neil Baldwin โ€” Murdering Caesar
  6. creative_reality17 โ€” B1
  7. Jerobeam Fenderson โ€” Asteroids
  8. Lo Five โ€” Washing The Dishes
  9. Noname โ€” Regal
  10. Erothyme โ€” You Been Sleepin
  11. Phaeleh โ€” Three
  12. Ancient Origin โ€” ๆฃฎ032ะ”ะตั€ะตะฒะพ230ๆฃฎ
  13. Silkie โ€” Reevea
  14. Vylter & Careful Handling โ€” Laundry Day
  15. Elizabeth Joan Kelly โ€” Beau Travail

Video of the week

Audio Interface Mix for the Independent Electric Group Midweek Electronica Show