Audio Interface: Feb 14, 2019

Thanks for listening! I’ve really enjoyed finding these things to play for you, I hope through listening to this show you may find your next favourite artist. Take a minute to follow the links, listen to more of their work, maybe even send them a message to show support. And if you do that, please mention you heard them on Audio Interface. 🙂


  1. Earth Dad — Carl’s first Halloween
  2. Rumination Degree – 5evr
  3. Paradox – Contents Under Pressure (feat. James Gardin)
  4. Andrew Huang – Triad Flux
  5. Bolofofos – Funk do Pão de Queijo
  6. Famished For Blonds – Ziggurat Twitter Facebook
  7. Lords of Speed – Iedereen Kapot
  8. Rich Earvin – Wanted
  9. H. Denier – Hangman
  10. Marty Can Fly – Feeling This
  11. The 8-Bit Big Band – Let’s Play Live! Super Mario Bros
  12. 愛你^你愛 – artov chain (reterror)
  13. Famished For Blonds – Danceteria
  14. Office WRKR – Lost in Space
  15. Multiiverse – Hyperspace Happyface
  16. Marty Can Fly – My Fat Cat

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