A small ruddy-faced boy holding a massive CB radio and grinning maniacally
Me presenting my first radio show



I presented a weekly show every Thursday during the Covid-19 lockdown of the UK in early 2020. The aim was to keep spirits high and play wall to wall feel good tunes. Here’s a sample episode:

Sack of Sounds

Before ‘The End Times’ I hosted a monthly radio show called Sack of Sounds. It’s for people who love straying off the beaten path and discovering new music.

The show went out on Radio Free Matlock at 8pm on the fourth Monday of every month. All episodes are available to stream from my Mixcloud page. Conveniently I’ve also embedded an episode here.

The Neon Glow

I like the 1980s. I like the music of the 1980s. This show is a nice blend of 80s and modern synthpop things.

Audio Interface

Sometimes I vanish down the musical rabbit holes of the internet and find music you probably haven’t heard before. This is they.