Recommended podcasts

This is an overview of some of my favourite podcasts. This list covers web design, business and other things that interest me and I’ll probably update it from time to time to reflect what I’m currently listening to. This post originally appeared on my old blog.

Web design

The Back to Front Show
If you build websites this show will help you loop through the array of options available to you (see what I did?) and figure out where to focus your attention. Definitely one for the code-strokers among us but Keir Whitaker and Kieran Masterton do a fine job of making things inclusive for those who have yet to master everything. Which is pretty much everyone I reckon.

Business and productivity

Unfinished Business
Have you ever made a mistake in business? I’m guessing you probably have in which case you need to listen to this podcast. It’s presented by Andrew Clarke who has one of the most calming voices in the web industry and it’s consistently great. I would pay for this podcast. Whilst it approaches business from the point of view of web designers and developers the content here will be useful for people who run businesses in any industry.

Back to work
Hosted by Dan Benjamin and Merlin Mann. It’s fair to say that Merlin has changed my life — he talks the kind of sense that most people are seemingly incapable of. This show appears to deal with productivity but is really about being a better person. It is invaluable.

Life, storytelling and philosophical chat

I listen to these shows to unwind (because I lead a very stressful life you see) at the end of a hard morning.

This American Life
Covering all sorts of stories and issues that affect real people, This American Life is always full of fascinating and often touching stories of real people. Start with: The Incredible Case of the P.I. Moms

The Moth
I can’t tell you how much I love The Moth. Founded as a small story telling group in New York in the late 90s The Moth now holds regular story telling events all over the USA. This weekly podcast features some of the most captivating stories of real life you’ll ever hear.

Roderick on the line
Merlin Mann again, this time joined by John Roderick. John is a hero to me for many reasons: He owns a toy boat, has built a bathdesk, once exploded a container of urine on the side of police station, and is capable of great insight on many subjects. Start with: The story of Lola

Things which will amaze you

Radiolab gets its own category. I briefly toyed with the idea of classifying this as ‘science’ but it’s so much more than that. If you love learning you will absolutely love Radiolab. It’s hard to describe it in a way that does it justice so I’ll just say ‘listen to it’. Start with: Colors