Music to code to

Programming requires a good deal of concentration. I find that’s aided by the right kind of music. For me that generally means instrumental and predominantly (but not always) electronic. He’s a list of some albums that work for me.

Music to code to: Volume One (A-C)

  • Actress: R.I.P.
  • Adam Johnson: Chigliak
  • Autechre: Amber
  • Autistici: Complex text tone
  • Ben Lukas Boysen: Spells
  • Bibio: Fi
  • Bicep: Bicep
  • Blanck Mass: Dumb flesh
  • Boom Boom Satellites: Out loud
  • Bottlesmoker: Hypnagogic
  • Brothomstates: Claro
  • Burial: Untrue
  • Byteone: Death of a typographer
  • Carbon Based Lifeforms: World of sleepers
  • Chris Remo: Firewatch original score
  • Chris Zabriskie: Cylinders
  • Christ: Metamorphic Reproduction Miracle
  • The Cinematic Orchestra: Man with a movie camera
  • Clark: Body riddle
  • Com Truise: Galactic melt
  • Cosey Fanni Tutti: TUTTI