Derby Uni Degree Show 2015

Last weekend we decided to take a trip over to the Derby Uni degree show to have a look at the graphic design, illustration and animation work. There was an interesting range of styles on show so we decided to collect together a few of our favourite pieces which you can see below. If you like what you see be sure to follow the links to see more of the graduates’ work on their own websites. The degree show is on for another week so if you can pop down you really should take a look. Details are on Derby University’s website.

Charlotte Huckett – Illustration

Charlotte produces her work using various media including fine liners, acrylic paint and pro marker pens. Shown below is a spread from a children’s book which she wrote and illustrated. Also shown is a repeating wildlife pattern which is intended to be applied to a variety of objects, we think the phone cover is especially neat. Helen says she’d have one.

Spread from Tomte NightTomte Night by Charlotte Huckett

Repeating wildlife pattern created for a Cath Kidston competitionWildlife pattern by Charlotte Huckett

Wildlife pattern applied to a mug and phone case

View Charlotte’s portfolio to see more of these and other projects

Keith Chapman – Illustration

Keith creates illustrations to accompany editorials which focus on interesting subjects like the future of technology, urban farming and the pollution problem. He often turns these into animated gifs which cleverly add dynamism without being distracting. Shown here is an animated illustration based on an article from New Scientist magazine about the amount of plastic waste choking our oceans.

bottle-animated-finalIllustration by Keith Chapman

Have a look at Keith’s Google+ page for more of his illustrations and animations.

Rachel Selby – Graphic Design

Rachel uses hand rendered typography a lot in her work which looks great and it gives the pieces a more human feel. Her work includes book jackets and posters which are dramatic in their sparse use of colour. Her ‘Oranges are not the only fruit’ cover was created using a sponge stamping technique which gives it the sort of interesting texture that can only come from hand created work.

Rachel Selby, Life Poster Life: Exhibition poster by Rachel Selby

Rachel Selby Oranges are not the only fruit book coverOranges Are Not The Only Fruit: Book cover by Rachel Selby

View Rachel’s work on Behance

Manuela Vesely – Animation

Manuela’s animation ‘Watched’ expresses ideas about social anxiety and explores the aesthetics of fear to create something abstract and unique. She is influenced by German expressionism and the gothic look of Tim Burton films.

[vimeo id=”129255610″]

You can view Manuela’s work on her Vimeo page