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Business blogging: Coming up with topics for your posts

Coming up with great business blog topics and ideas for posts can be really tricky, especially when you’re first getting started. After the initial excitement of having your new website launch has faded you may be left wondering what to write about. If you’re not careful you could find yourself losing enthusiasm and giving up on your blog. Next thing, your users are wondering if you went out of business because you ‘latest’ post is 18 months old.

Lost in translation

Getting to know your customers and how they talk is important if you want to increase your sales. I began learning this lesson in my first year of university when I went to a pirate party dressed as a software pirate. No-one got it.

Quick guide: Writing website content

One of the first things which should be produced as part of a web design project is the website content, or at the very least a draft overview of content. But content is hard! Which is exactly why it usually gets left until far too late in the process. Well don’t worry, this quick guide will help you get started now.