Alreet planet?

I’ve finally made myself a proper website! Of course I’ve had personal/business sites before but for the past four years I’ve been without. I decided recently to fully embrace the idea of ‘me being me’ and not worry about having a business me and a personal me. And certainly not worry about any personal brand bullshit. This website will mostly exist to show professional work, but I’ll also include personal/fun stuff that I create.

The website itself is a work example. I’ve included different visual themes (currently , and ) to allow me to play around with different styles but also as a way of integrating accessibility options without them feeling tacked on. I like the idea of websites giving people options of colours schemes and type styles to allow people to choose a look that works for them. I’ll likely add to these styles over time, as well as playing with other aspects of the site.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Hope you like.